The CCF Board of Directors and Advisory Board are responsible for guiding the work of CCF staff to ensure that funds are successfully generated and effectively appropriated while adhering to the fundamental principles and mission of the organization. CCF employs two full-time staff and relies extensively on the help of volunteers at all signature fundraising events.

Executive Board
Becky D. Lewis - President
Matthew McKendrick - VP Fund Development
Samantha Heidbrink- VP Marketing
Mike Glover- Treasurer
John Phil Kidwell - Secretary


Giora Barker

Jason Evans

Ashley Leete

Niki Lette

Cara Serber

Stacy K. Silvers, M.D.

Paul Song

Leslie Standlee

Daniel Taylor

Sarah Way, M.D.

John Little - Legal Counsel

Advisory Board
Lynn Stroud - Chair
Troy Aikman
Lindy Berkley
George R. Buchanan, M.D.
Nancy Campbell
Virginia E. Cook
Daniel E. Cooper, M.D.
Steve Eagar
Sharon Friedberg-Bishop
Diane Funkhouser
Marisa Huckin
Daryl Johnston
Adelina Kainer
Ken Klaveness
Patrick Leavey, M.D.
Barbara Lipshy
Amy Maurer
Scott Murray
Marcia Newton
Summer Olmstead
Amie Raney
Peachy Rudberg
Rhonda Sargent Chambers
Fred Shapiro
Stephen X. Skapek, M.D.
Marianne Staubach
Roger Staubach
Janet Stone
Clarice Tinsley
Matthew Trent
Kay Wade
Naomi Winick, M.D.

Executive Director of Development, Jennifer Arthur

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