Hi! My name is Willa Lance.

Last year when I was nine years old my best friend was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. During that year I spent a lot of time up at Children’s Hospital and that is when I realized that I love helping people with cancer! My mom became involved with Children's Cancer Fund by volunteering on the auction committee. I got to help my mom raise money, get donations, and help the models pick out their outfits before the fashion show. Since then I have loved to raise money and donate it to Children's Cancer Fund.

My goal this year was to raise $100 before the school year ended but, since I am so close with $67, I raised my goal up to $200. I added all of my earned money from my candy stand and lemonade stand, given money and tooth fairy money! I would love it if you helped me achieve my goal! You can donate money to Children’s Cancer Fund!

Thank you,

Willa Lance - 4th Grade